The biggest dream in Naveen’s life, at this point, is to get Jessica attracted to him. Stunningly beautiful and incredibly proud, Jessica is his millionaire boss’s daughter; and Naveen believes that the chances of her falling for an ordinary, middle-class guy such as him are miniscule, unless…

… they are both locked up together, in a romantic setting, isolated from the outside world. So an obsessed Naveen hires goons to nab Jessica, fake his own kidnapping and keep them both as hostages in a rented, plush villa in Aldona village. The motive is disguised as ransom.

While Naveen tries to make quality time with the terrified Jessica, he notices that the villa has some of its own secrets that could annihilate his chances. The house happens to be a location for a horror video-prank set up by two mischievous boys from Mumbai, and is bugged with all sorts of gadgetry and ghoulish props.

What happens next is pure adventure that leaves Naveen to his wit’s end. Will everything go in accordance with Naveen’s carefully laid-out plan? Or will he end up in jail? To find out more, do check out this page-turner of an exciting romantic thriller that will make you go ‘Oh My Goddess!’







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Rohan Govenkar'S

oh my Goddess
  • Paperback

    292 pages

  • Publisher

    BruteGorilla (2017)

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    14 x 1.7 x 21.6 cm


About The Author

Mr Rohan Govenkar Author

Rohan Govenkar is a self-taught creative writer who has taken to writing not as profession, but as passion. After having completed his education in Geological Sciences in Goa, Rohan joined the family business of retail and distribution. Simultaneously, he took up a challenge of learning three subjects of his interests all by himself, sans the formal education, and only by referring to books. The first subject was Business Management and the second one was the Stock Market. Creative writing was the third one which Rohan pursued at later stages, after the discovery of his real passions. Another subject that Rohan concerns himself with is his home-state, Goa, and he remains pro-active with many social matters pertaining to Goa.

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  • Extremely clever and gripping plot Bought this book from Broadway bookstore in Goa and wanted to be the first to review it. I had loved '1000 kilograms of Goa' from the same author and was eager to read his second one from which I had great expectations. Rohan Govenkar has ensured that he has not let those expectations down. by creating another clever plot. OMGoddess is about two parallel stories which has their own charm and style. The brilliance lies in the storytelling and the manner in which these two stories intersect. The story is thoroughly entertaining, and there is no chance of boredom anywhere (except for in the third chapter). And although you predict something and in the middle, you may feel that the story is moving exactly how you predicted it, it takes a strange turn and turns its table on you. And that's when you come to know that there were no two parallel stories, but three of them. Part 3 in this book is where you are stunned at the author's intelligence, imagination and his masterly style of spinning a story. One thing I missed was the author's style of narration in first person which I felt connected with in the first book. But overall, great storytelling. Looking forward for more.

    - Shubhada – Oh my Goddess
  • This book is a stunner!!! It indeed gave me goosebumps while reading each and every instances. A story is combination suspence history, romance etc. Great climax. If you start reading I bet you will not keep down the book until you finish it. Lots of twists and turns. Each and every chapter is a thriller!!! At any moment while reading the book I didn't feel that I was reading authors debut work. Great work altogether. The book will surely take you to the Goa.

    - The Book is a Stunner
  • Amazing Climax Rohan Govenkar you made an awesome debut in this industry. Once you start this book you can't keep it down, you go on reading, finished it in a day. Loved all the characters and narration of Thousand Kilograms story. Revisited Goa's history after long time. Story of 4 friends who come together for big bang and what happens next - Do not open until .... :)

    - Manasi
  • History made more Joyous I bet if History books were written in this fashion, I would've possibly pursued my career in that line. Accurate Details that meet facts. All in all an educative piece of work, marvellous first attempt. Must have & Must read especially for the people from Diwar. A blend of mystery, suspense, humor, romance. Simply loved it

    - Shraddha Narvenkar
  • Happy to have read this book. I really enjoyed the creative plot, the thrill, the characterisation of the character and the Witty style. All in balance. That too in Divar, where I live. Best of all was Ashwin's sussegad but strategical personality. However, I was in doubt about the book because of the cover. Nevertheless, I could imagine a thrilling adventure in my own Goa Within that cover. All the best on the next adventure.

    - Vivek
  • Everything falls in place like a jigsaw puzzle A blockbuster movie can be made out of such a story. A holiday in Goa for a bunch of friends turns into a fast-paced treasure hunt. The story sounds too convenient for the main characters. But towards the end, you realize it was not. Everything falls in place like a jigsaw puzzle. I actually read half the novel twice hoping to find a flaw in the plot and failed. The author has also mindfully given a social message.

    - Yash Ganthe
  • A Dauntless..Dazzling..Dynamic...Debut "1000 Kilograms of Goa"...A title that will never miss ur eyes..From the beginning to the end, you will be taken on this exhilarating journey by the author.. A plot that is full of twists and turns, suspense, treasure is what this book is about. Dont miss this book...Rohan makes his debut with this book and he clearly spells out that he is here to stay.. The language is simple and easy to understand, story is brilliant...To sum it up, I can say this book is an "ABSOLUTE WINNER"...Looking forward to more books from Rohan..God bless you and may you continue entertaining all of us...Cheers!!

    - Sarika Naik
  • When my buddy first told me that he is writing a book, I joked and told him in your dreams. I was lucky enough to proof read this book way before its launch but reading it on a paperback is awesome. The amount of time invested by Rohan for this amazing book is commendable. Excellent story line which goes way back when we used to picture ourselves treasure hunting at Divar and Old Goa. The plot, the characters and the objective of the story is way ahead of a seasoned writer. A must read for those bookworms who love adventure, romance and a twisty story. It took me just 4 hours of deep reading to complete the book and I must say that it was quite a thrill of a ride. Good going Rohan. I await season 2. Cheers

    - David Lourenco
  • Read it twice and you will know why. Interesting read. Finished at one go. The book is packed with content and even the most trivial detail which seems unnecessary at first, manages to gain relevance as the pages turn. What appears as over-descriptive in the beginning reveals to play important roles as the plot progresses . The writing is clear and lucid and flows well, making a connect with the reader. The characters have been introduced nicely and each of them comes to life in your mind's eye. Then there is this part where a bit of history comes in, which also proves there had been a good amount of research on the subject. About the ending, I am still unable to decide whether it was a good ending or not. The part which I hated the most in the book is the cover - a bunch of tourists sitting by the roulette table is irrelevant to the content of the book.

    - Kimberley Costa
  • Rather infinite applauds to Rohan Govenkar for his debut book - 1000 Killograms of Goa!!! Awesome/Brilliant/Fantastic/Outstanding/Splendid/Stupendofantabulous/ Terrific etc, etc....... I m falling short of the adjectives. I spent two sleepless nights to quench my reading thirst. It was worth every minute of reading as I was hooked to the story from the very beginning. It only got better, better and better as the pages turned. What a terrific story/plot....superbly narrated. I thoroughly enjoyed and loved every word written. Loved the superb twists in the story. There are many breathtaking ones, but the last one was completely out of the box. Don't want to disclose it here ;) Being Goan, I was visualizing every aspect of the story as I could relate to the places. Which added an extra zeal to my reading. I am sure this will be listed as bestseller soon. Feeling extremely proud that finally one Goan author has made a sensational debut. Wishing the author tons of success for this and his future projects!!!

    - Radhika Naik
  • When I started reading this book, I had a preset thinking that this book will be like any other treasure hunt novel, but as I continued to read I found that there was more character to it and minute details were described with a lot of precision. This book is a page turner even though it got a bit predictable mid-way, Rohan picked it well by adding twists to the story. The main character of this book: Mr. Ashwin Shirodkar a mediocre young man into his late twenties who strikes it rich and what after that? Of course, he being the hero of the story, saves 1000 kilo grams of Goa in a real way (I hope the one in power get the clue 😉) and has given out solutions to some real problems faced by Goans. The author: Rohan has shown a great sense of humour throughout the book which keeps the reader glued to it and has also spoken highly about Goa which was also one of the reason I wanted to read more and more of it unlike the image created about Goa by some authors and film makers otherwise. It was great to read a book that had a Goan feel and I am looking forward to read more books by him.

    - Santoshi Naik
  • 1000 kilograms of Goa is a great piece of story telling by the debutant Author Rohan Govenkar. The story revolves around the treasure hunt in Goa with love, deception, adventure, mafia, drugs, action and suspense nicely flavoring it to make it a complete blockbuster to be loved by the masses. I loved the way the author has expressed himself as a protagonist, narration is witty and simple to understand which will not only appeal to the younger generations but will be easily comprehended by the people of all ages. I am sure people will love the way the author has pleasingly worded his thoughts which can be instantly visualized, commendable job indeed in his inaugural book Author has beautifully portrayed the true picture of life in Goa, its landscape, its culture, its nightlife, its perception among the tourists, its casinos mafia and drug menace, which will surely capture the minds of the people who love Goa. I am happy to come across this book, which I loved reading and will recommend it not only to the bibliophiles but surely to public in general.

    - Sitaram Naik
  • It was almost after 15 days that I picked a book to read as finally I realized that the countdown has begun for the year to finish and I am still left with 6 books of my target 60. And I picked up debutante, Rohan Govenkar's "1000 Kilograms of Goa". I found the title quite weird and unusual and therefore thought of giving it a read. Also the name of a debut author always catches my attention. I love reading work of a person with whom I have no attachment as a reader and thus getting surprised. Well, occasionally! Sometimes I end up getting shocked. And I can proudly claim that my last phase of reading journey of this year got a good start with this book which is such a great thrilling experience that it doesn't allow you blink even once for 230 pages of only fun, amazement, suspense, twist and turns, romance and everything done in a greatly balanced way. Rohan has a very authentic skill of writing which makes him arrange words in his own way and serves a new reading experience for the readers interested in reading Indian authors. The characterization of each one in this book is perfectly done as it was very essential otherwise it would have become half-baked failed dish. I also loved how the author kept the romance as just another angle to the book rather than romanticizing the basic plot of this story. The magic starts right from the first conversation between the friends when a piece of history is shared in the best written form. After that, it becomes more exciting when you realize that the mission gets accomplished almost half way in the book. But what happens after that makes this book not an ordinary thriller but more than that and something which becomes recommendable. The story is beautifully crafted and it allows you to think even when it becomes fast pacy sometimes. The locations are nicely described as it allows your imagination to build the same in your thoughts which makes it more easy for you to follow the story weaved into it. The breaking into the mansion scene and the way it is handled by the friends is nicely written. I wish to read that part once again. The second half is what does justice to the first half of the book as it takes the story to another level. And the anti-climax is beautifully done. As drawback, I only felt that the last part is little overdone by the author to prove the book morally and politically correct but it wasn't needed and he should have closed the story little early rather than giving a whole chapter to what the main protagonist did. Rest, it's all fine. Go and get this book. I give the effort 4 stars out of 5 and I strongly recommend the same. Thanks. ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU!!!

    - Abhilash Ruhela
  • This story has been set in the most beautiful state of goa. The protagonist, Avinash is a resident of Goa. Pratik, Bhavesh, Iftikar and Priya, his friends, visit Goa during Christmas time. Fun on beaches, casinos, alcoholic drinks and parties is something which attracts lots of toursits. But Pratik and Priya is on a mission. They are attracted towards the hidden treasure on the Diwar Island. Do they find the spot where the treasure is hidden? Do they get the gold? Do they face any problems? Story and the characters: The story is well knit without a slightest loophole. The flow of the events in the story is apt and the progress of the story is neither too fast nor too slow. The detailing of the places makes the reader draw a picture of the place in his mind. This is probably the first novel I have read that describes the scenic beauty of Goa so beautifully. The story keeps you hooked until the very end. The characters too are well developed. The friendship bond that Avinash shares with Iftikar, Bhavesh and Pratik is strong and I envy their friendship. Priya plays the role of girl-next-door. She is sweet, naughty and intelligent. She will surely create a place in the hearts of many readers. Narration: The narration style is simple but engrossing. There haven’t been any occurrences of words being stuffed up in order to make the language sound heavy. I liked everything about 1000 Kilograms of Goa. 1000 Kilograms of Goa is a tale worth reading. It is an adventurous tale of treasure hunt. Apart from this, it gives you an insight of the problems that people from Goa face, the luring casinos where drug and flesh trade take place, the innocent behaviour and simple life of Goan people and many more things. It tells the reader that life in Goa is not as smooth as it is shown in movies. I am sure that you will enjoy this exciting hunt as much as I did. I rate: Cover- 3.5/5 Story- 4/5 Characters- 4/5 My overall rating for 1000 Kilograms of Goa is 4/5.

    - Divya R Bandodkar
  • Quote for this book :- I am not telling you it's going to be easy, I'm telling you it's going to be Worth it. "Goa" is considered as the "Live-wire" of our country. They say no one has got enough of Goa because of its Scenic beauty & electrifying aura Pre-Reading :- Weird title, Glimpse of peppy Goa i.e Beaches ,Drugs & babes pretty much sums up my "pre-reading thoughts" but there is a saying "Never judge a book by its outlook" so i think i should note that down Atleast after reading this one.. This book shows the exposed and unveiled Sides of Goa with the help of five friends who are on a treasure hunt excursion...From Ashwin's intelligence and never give up trait to Bhavesh's Food-o-logy , From Priya's Beauty with brains aspect to Ifti's emotional sight,From Feni to Vat 69 , From beaches to babes,from Ferryboats to Diwar Islands ,From Guns to the Goons, From burglars to the achievers...this book is an exotic ride. Wow & Oops Of The book :- 🍺 Content :- It's hard to believe that this book is Author's debut project as every minute aspect was bang on perfect, be it characterisation, description or proof reading or editing he was simply Superb but somewhere i felt that the end part was bit stretched making it a bit clumsy 🍺🍺 Reel v/s Real :-Reading or watching this story on tv or in books can be great fun ride but somewhere down the line it lacks that reality aspect. Its like hunting a Dianasour or waking up as King Khan. Post- Reading :- This book is like a "treasure" where author has used his marvellous imagination,magnificent expressive skills and witty writing style to hunt his readers hearts and win their applauds. Rating :- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Komal Priyani ❤️

    - Komal Priyani
  • I purchased this book from starmark ,kolkata. Its.Its very nice read and interesting.from the beginning till the end it will entertain you.Every part of the novel will engross you.beautiful description of Goa,specially divade island ,he described common man's household in Goa very nicely and described both the girls priya and maya very beautifully .A very nice read .This is what is called as debut novel. will wait for new novels of Rohan ..well done Rohan and proud to say that among us one wrote such a beautiful book..

    - Akila Prabhudessai
  • Exciting book which left me engrossed from cover to end. Being Goan, I could relate with a lot of places, people and events in the book. The way all of it has been inserted is commendable. All life, I have only heard of the treasure in Divar island, and rumor has it that some rich guy has already found it. Never imagined someone could exploit this legend so creatively and turn that into a book. Brilliant! I am reading a Goan author for the first time, and he doesn't disappoint me. By the end, I fell so connected and so in love with one of the characters. But revealing who it is will act as a spoiler. Caution: Do not flip through the pages. Read the chapters by sequence. You don't want to spoil the suspense which, by the way, is super awesome.

    - Shubha
  • The very title caught my attention and I instantly made my mind to buy this one. The story unveils smoothly and every page is a delight to read. There is something for everyone... History, Folklore, Friendship, Fun, Thrill, Romance and a lot more. The best part being that the author manages to blend it well! The protagonist reflects the thoughts of every Goan when it comes to the Russian invasion, Goa being seen in the bad light by the tourists, or for that matter to clean up the mess that we witness today in our very own Goa! Local characters, specially the ones in Divar come alive. One can easily find them next door! No one knows where the treasure of Divar lies today. Off course the book has its version to tell. But I wish it resides within every Goan, just like it did in Inspector Vagle and the protagonist himself! And we continue to take it along wherever we go so that we can recreate our very own thousnad kilograms of Goa!!

    - Mayur
  • Picked it up after reading several positive reviews on Amazon and the fact that I am from Goa. The story is based on an old myth of treasure buried on Divar island and I could easily visualize the entire story happening. The storyline is fluid and writing is to the point. I usually take several days to finish a book, but the story gripped me and I managed to read it in one day. The prologue was unique! Being a regular reader of fiction, you tend expect most of what happens, but I fell for the twist, which made this a good experience. I have not come to terms with one aspect of the ending, despite reading it again, but I guess that is up to each reader. The debutante author has correctly portrayed current day Goa and the various issues it faces, as well as different perceptions of Goa by various types of people, within and without. Conversations between characters use real language used by youth in Goa today. I found it strange at the beginning, but looking from a holistic point of view, it fits in with what the author wants to portray. I definitely recommend this wonderful piece of fiction to one and all, and hope to see more twists and turns from the new author. Rohan Govenkar is a name to watch out for!

    - ND
  • Woww...!!!! WHAT A BOOK...!!!! Absolute THRILLER, an absolute WINNER... I just couldn't put it down and it kept me awake through out the night to complete it... A strong plot, lovely characters and even better climax. Four friends find themselves in Goa for a get together and what follows is even beyond their wildest dreams, filled with twists and turns... and more twists and turns... and yet some more twists and turns... for a debut novel, it's just great... But felt the narrative could have been much better.. There may be some wisecrack critics who might come down heavily on this poor soul for the weak narrative... But otherwise, it's an absolutely fantastic novel... LOVED IT TO THE CORE...!!!! (Y)

    - Prasad Pankar
  • A must read book by most promising author.   Finished reading this mind blowing novel written by Rohan Govenkar. With this book Rohan makes a dashing debut in the field of writing. First you hold this book in your hands and after reading few pages, the book catches hold of you. It becomes very difficult to keep it down in the middle. It is about a treasure of Vijayanagara Empire that ruled Goa in 16th Century . The treasure was buried on an island in Goa to keep it safe from its enemies. The descendants of the person who had buried this treasure get information and keys from the antiques in the house and the treasure hunt begins. This treasure hunt is not easy there are lots of hurdles in the way. The most dangerous hurdle is Russian mafia. After lots of twists and turns do they succeed in grabbing the treasure? To get the answer you must read the book. The author's style of narrating the story is really awesome. This book takes you to the journey of most beautiful and unexplored places of Goa.

    - Rupesh